What People Are Saying

  • There is a profoundly meditative quality in Kristen’s photographs. They are a tangible echoe of time taken to see deeper than the surface. Her work awakens us to the powerful and simple beauty within the complexity of our natural world and her pictures invite us to rest there awhile, in peace.

    Lara Kruger
  • When FireweedYoga set out to create our website we wanted great images. Our tag line “programs beyond the poses” had us intent on not filling the site with people in typical yoga poses. We want to showcase a lifestyle, an ease, an awareness that comes when you invite all aspects of yoga into your life. Not any photographer can get that obscure yogi “essence” that was usually just beyond our ability to describe. Kristen’s creativity, artistry, openness helped us bring that essence to life. And we are thrilled with the results.

    Fireweed Yoga
  • Kristen’s work brings out those deep feelings of awe one gets from being in those places. She is able to capture the essence of these places in a way that seems to elude me.

    Mike Morel
  • Kristen’s work is incredibly unique, and offers the viewer a moment of reflection and connection. She truly captures the essence of the beauty that is present, instead of trying to make something beautiful. There is also so much depth to each photo, that it’s possible that one could see something fresh every time.

    Jessica Lutzak
    Calgary, AB